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I made a Phoenix costume for Sci-fi Expo!

The Cyclops costume I was working on for my boyfriend wasn’t so lucky but hopefully I’ll finish (and start, I suppose) him before I wear her next. Gonna get a new wig too, as this is just one I had on hand (an old Arda Ferrari in Dark Copper Red if anyone is wondering. I looks much more red in natural light.)

I had an AMAZING impromptu photoshoot with a couple friends’ friends and I am probably going to sob in sincere glee when I get to see the finished photos; just seeing the little previews on the camera’s was enough to make me giddy all weekend!

In all honesty, I’m not particularly partial to Jean. Emma is my favorite X-lady (if we aren’t counting my Scarlet Waifu) but I can’t think of a single one of her ridiculous outfits that would suit me (and this isn’t a plea for flattery so please don’t feel the need for any of that. Her outfits are either all midriff or too fetish-y for my tastes).


I was spastic and silly but he was super cool and chill. We had a short talk about the show (did you know that they only had a single weekend between challenges?!) before I scampered of in complete embarrassment.
 Face Off is the only reality show that I don’t think is utter rubbish and meeting Eric, who I was cheering on in both seasons, was super cooooool!

-Check out this FAN-FRAKKIN-TASTIC Admiral Adama! He was so scary spot on it was insane. We tried to strike a dignified pose and one of us succeeded. I wish I’d bought my real camera as this cell phone shot ruins all the details of his cosplay.

Dat wig, dat everything!

-I got a couple shots with some other super ladies and they were gorgeous!

I can’t wait to see more photos!!! :D
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